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Facebook bow to users!

Facebook have just made an announcement : –

”Terms of Use Update

Today we announced new opportunities for users to play a meaningful role in determining the policies governing our site. We released the first proposals subject to these procedures – The Facebook Principles, a set of values that will guide the development of the service, and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities that governs Facebook’s operations. Users will have the opportunity to review, comment and vote on these documents over the coming weeks and, if they are approved, other future policy changes. We’ve posted the documents in separate groups and invite you to offer comments and suggestions. For more information and links to the two groups, check out the Facebook Blog. ”

This statement shows how much influence they have relised that their users have on how the site runs. On their Blog they go into detail to discuss why and how they have chosen to do this. They also break this down into two group’s one being Facebook Town Hall : Proposed statement of rights and responsibilities and another which is Facebook Town Hall : Proposed Facebook Priniciples. Both of these show how Facebook is wanting to seem and/or getting their user’s involved in what is going on, on the site. The fact that they have named their groups Facebook Town Hall makes them seem more welcoming,  socialy and community based then they may have previously been seen to be.

I do think it link’s to my earlier post and Chris’ earlier comment that says that’ it has become full of its own self importance though that it may start to fall away in the future, i think thats what we are seeing here. Facebook using the knowledge that the user’s have the power and trying to help them.

I recently found that even on Youtube there have been video’s made around this issue that goes over some of the points i have discussed. Though this has got to be a very long discussion by many people, as privacy online is becoming a larger and larger issue.


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Social bookmarking a blessing?

Yesterday i did a presentation on Social bookmarking and over the process of putting it together with my group, i have found my eyes open to something very exciting and more useful than i had originally thought they would be.

Here is a short video off Youtube that we found just to give you an idea of what it is =]

From this you can see how useful it is but it doesn’t show the extent of how many there are out there. To name a few that we used whilst doing our presentation : – Delicious, Digg, Technorati
Each having their own unique points but basically doing the same thing. Personally i find it so useful, the idea of not having to save hundreds of bookmarks i find interesting to my PC, but being able to save them to a website and access them were ever i am is really useful.
I think my fellow group members also found this a really helpful tool =] personally if i had to define it as a blessing i think i would because i feel it is that useful.

I have come across a site that gives a breakdown of why you should look at social bookmarking as a marketing tool. I think the site has a really useful breakdown of it and its easy to follow.

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Church choked by priest

This may seem a strange topic, but its one that has been relevant to many people in my local community. I will give you a brief background of the issue, when the Decan who came to our church was ordained and became a member of our parish ( Sacred Heart R C Church Wigan) it was a dark day for the parish. This happened about 10 years ago when the priest didn’t have any influence over the parish. This influence has slowly grown over time as the Parish Priest got older and less able to control the young opinions that were coming out.

We used to have music during mass from a band which helped liven up the service and brought people into church again. We also had Youth groups which in the past few years has slowly died out because the youth was driven out the church. Now whilst the overall image of the church and its assosiation with the young people has grown into a very important relationship for the church to have. Though in our church it seems to have  depleted due to the opinions of this priest, the opinions that we should revert to the old/strict/anti-young people ways of old. I can’t remember the last time we celebrated youth sunday, we had in previous years made a large issue of it but its now died out.

Our congregation has slowly decreased with many people now travelling to other church’s because they can’t stand what has happened to our church. I noticed today that the congregation is down from the 100 or so down to the 50 that were there today.

It makes me sad that this has happened because our church used to be a pillar of the community and a key focal point for the catholic youth’s in the area, it also had a strong connection with the sacred heart school which has slowly become weaker over the years.

Ok rant over, though its glad to finnally get my opinion across about this issue, i know many people who have tried to get their opinions heard over this issue and now this blog and the ability to blog has made it easier in this new media age to get them out there.

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Facebook blunder

Its a good job facebook chose to listen to its user’s on their insane plan to take total control over content added to their site. They may have been able to keep the content that people added but I’m sure a lot of people may have decided to leave their account’s stagnant in defiance of this act.
I hadn’t previously heard to much about it till this morning whilst i was on the train into University from Wigan. The eye grabbing title that The Metro newspaper chose to use ‘ Facebook grabs rights to photos’ caught my attention and i was immediately engrossed in what i found. For those who haven’t heard about it click here.

I had thought about boycotting the site but when i logged on this morning their was a statement issued by Facebook saying : –

Terms of Use Update

Over the past few days, we have received a lot of feedback about the new terms we posted two weeks ago. Because of this response, we have decided to return to our previous Terms of Use while we resolve the issues that people have raised. For more information, visit the Facebook Blog.

If you want to share your thoughts on what should be in the new terms, check out our group Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. ‘

which has made me think that maybe because of this miraculous social technology that we as a community can make differences =]

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Orange and their stupid new upgrade policies

Well recently i was able to upgrade my phone with Orange i had decided on the phone shopped about and decided i would stay with Orange. Many may think why would i because i could have gotten a better deal with T-Mobile on the same phone but i like the Orange Wednesday’s and i have been with them for about 4 and a half years.

I decided to take the plunge and get my new phone though i chose to go into the store because online at Orange for the Samsung pixon id have had to pay £127 for the handset and i thought this couldn’t be right as id been told it would be a free upgrade and the month or two left on my present contract added to the new one. I had also looked at Carphone Warehouse and found i could get the same phone on my present contract for free when i upgraded.

I went into the Orange Store in Wigan and when i enquired about the phone, whether i could get it for free etc. i was told that even though i was on the £35 pm contract as the one you needed for the phone that i didn’t fall into the right band to gain it for free. I was appalled, i couldnt believe they were telling me i had to pay more per month than i already was to get the phone for free even though i was on the same tariff. They told me that i needed to be going over my contracted payments every month to get into band 5 for a free upgrade. They didn’t even seem concerned to loose my business.

I went to the Carphone Warehouse were they were able to give me the phone for free as an upgrade on my current contract with Orange. I don’t think i will be recommending going to the Orange store’s any more and just tell people to go to Carphone Warehouse at least they can give their customers what they need.

I think Orange have handled this all wrong, i haven’t been able to find any announcement on their part telling their customers and future customers about this. They are trapping people into their company and demanding bigger payments than our contracts stipulate we should be paying them.

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