Church choked by priest

This may seem a strange topic, but its one that has been relevant to many people in my local community. I will give you a brief background of the issue, when the Decan who came to our church was ordained and became a member of our parish ( Sacred Heart R C Church Wigan) it was a dark day for the parish. This happened about 10 years ago when the priest didn’t have any influence over the parish. This influence has slowly grown over time as the Parish Priest got older and less able to control the young opinions that were coming out.

We used to have music during mass from a band which helped liven up the service and brought people into church again. We also had Youth groups which in the past few years has slowly died out because the youth was driven out the church. Now whilst the overall image of the church and its assosiation with the young people has grown into a very important relationship for the church to have. Though in our church it seems to have  depleted due to the opinions of this priest, the opinions that we should revert to the old/strict/anti-young people ways of old. I can’t remember the last time we celebrated youth sunday, we had in previous years made a large issue of it but its now died out.

Our congregation has slowly decreased with many people now travelling to other church’s because they can’t stand what has happened to our church. I noticed today that the congregation is down from the 100 or so down to the 50 that were there today.

It makes me sad that this has happened because our church used to be a pillar of the community and a key focal point for the catholic youth’s in the area, it also had a strong connection with the sacred heart school which has slowly become weaker over the years.

Ok rant over, though its glad to finnally get my opinion across about this issue, i know many people who have tried to get their opinions heard over this issue and now this blog and the ability to blog has made it easier in this new media age to get them out there.



  1. Chris said

    Tbh driven out doesn’t even begin to cover it. He is prideful, self important and aggressive, quick to condem, and just as quick to leap to his own defence.

    In this day and age with the church so scared of losing young parishioners why hasn’t the church done more?

  2. jennifer2186 said

    At the moment its like they are to scared of losing the priest’s that they have, because the amount that they have coming into the church is shrinking. But really i dont think this is any suprise due to the treatment priest’s like this give the young people in their parish.

  3. The exact same thing happened in my church (also Catholic).

    My church used to be focal point for the young people and students living in the area, our priest left to do some mission work in Africa and was replaced by a narrow-minded, old-school, preaching ‘hell, fire and damnation’ type.

    Truly a shame, as many of our congregation, including myself, left to go to other churches in the diocese.

    The Catholic Church needs to move with the times. I did read recently that the Vatican now has its own youtube channel in an effort to engage with youth audiences.

    Maybe they are finally catching on?!

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