Social bookmarking a blessing?

Yesterday i did a presentation on Social bookmarking and over the process of putting it together with my group, i have found my eyes open to something very exciting and more useful than i had originally thought they would be.

Here is a short video off Youtube that we found just to give you an idea of what it is =]

From this you can see how useful it is but it doesn’t show the extent of how many there are out there. To name a few that we used whilst doing our presentation : – Delicious, Digg, Technorati
Each having their own unique points but basically doing the same thing. Personally i find it so useful, the idea of not having to save hundreds of bookmarks i find interesting to my PC, but being able to save them to a website and access them were ever i am is really useful.
I think my fellow group members also found this a really helpful tool =] personally if i had to define it as a blessing i think i would because i feel it is that useful.

I have come across a site that gives a breakdown of why you should look at social bookmarking as a marketing tool. I think the site has a really useful breakdown of it and its easy to follow.



  1. nmspace said

    Great guess Jenny, I really found social bookmarking great in personal use, but even better in business. It has great potentials in making your corporate e-image better and of course profitable. The great advantage is though that your site will be popular which in terms of web is the most important.
    Our presentation really made us wiser. But the rest presentations helped me have an insight of the power of web, so many tools and ways to promote you and your business.

  2. jennifer2186 said

    Yeah i do think that this tool has got to be the next big thing for business’, i found it shocking that not many were using it yet though im sure they will start to use it more and more soon.

    The web’s power is growing more and more.

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