Facebook bow to users!

Facebook have just made an announcement : –

”Terms of Use Update

Today we announced new opportunities for users to play a meaningful role in determining the policies governing our site. We released the first proposals subject to these procedures – The Facebook Principles, a set of values that will guide the development of the service, and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities that governs Facebook’s operations. Users will have the opportunity to review, comment and vote on these documents over the coming weeks and, if they are approved, other future policy changes. We’ve posted the documents in separate groups and invite you to offer comments and suggestions. For more information and links to the two groups, check out the Facebook Blog. ”

This statement shows how much influence they have relised that their users have on how the site runs. On their Blog they go into detail to discuss why and how they have chosen to do this. They also break this down into two group’s one being Facebook Town Hall : Proposed statement of rights and responsibilities and another which is Facebook Town Hall : Proposed Facebook Priniciples. Both of these show how Facebook is wanting to seem and/or getting their user’s involved in what is going on, on the site. The fact that they have named their groups Facebook Town Hall makes them seem more welcoming,  socialy and community based then they may have previously been seen to be.

I do think it link’s to my earlier post and Chris’ earlier comment that says that’ it has become full of its own self importance though that it may start to fall away in the future, i think thats what we are seeing here. Facebook using the knowledge that the user’s have the power and trying to help them.

I recently found that even on Youtube there have been video’s made around this issue that goes over some of the points i have discussed. Though this has got to be a very long discussion by many people, as privacy online is becoming a larger and larger issue.



  1. Lauren Bate said

    Hey Jenny, yes I agree, involving the users more will improve facebook as it is us who keep it going. Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends and socialise but it is such ashame that like you said there are so many issues with privacy today. There are many ways to avoid it such as making your profile viewable by friends only, but why should this have to be the case? Privacy is a big issue but I still wouldn’t delete my facebook just because of these issues, I still feel it is important to stay in touch with friends via this site.


  2. Dave Jameson said

    I’m beginning to wonder if living “off the grid” like John Connor might have its benefits. Everyone seems to know just a little bit too much about you these days don’t you think?

  3. Adam Lewis said

    This move can only be good for Facebook.

    The backlash from trying to keep users data, even after deleting their profiles, meant that Zuckerberg and co. had to make a move that would appease not only it’s users but perhaps more importantly the social media world and the press. The question now is whether facebook users will accept this as a form of apology.

  4. Hi Jennifer.

    Hopefully they will change some of the terms, the pictures posted on Facebook during studies is not that much fun to have out there somewhere when you are older. What if you become a public person? Can the Facebook crew dig up old pictures and statements and sell them?

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