Everyone’s talking Twitter!

When i first started my PR and New Media course i had never heard about Twitter. twitter community

Though now shortly after discovering it i am seeing it everywhere, it’s in the News, Magazine’s and all over the internet. Its been mentioned and discussed in many different blogs, Chris Brogan in several of the post’s on his blog. It is a new community that everyone can get involved in and as it appears everyone is!

This morning whilst on the train i found several articles in The Metro. One article was about a missing snowboarder and the use of twitter to find him. They also had an article about a fundraising campaign for comic relief by Twitter and Dave SpikeyTwitter and micro blogging promoting a new story book, to witch the contributions of it had all been found in several weeks through Twitter. This also included the incorporation of the editor, illustrator and project co-ordinator for the book.

Though this hasn’t been my only experience of Twitter since becoming a member. I have read articles in popular magazine’s telling people who’s on Twitter and how its the new service to get logged in on after Facebook. There are seen to be a lot of celebrities/bands/journalists/professionals using this platform to get people involved. Even companies have started using it. Skittles have just re-launched their website and have gone away from the traditional website format by including Social Platform’s on their website. There have been a lot of discussion about this on the internet including the Wall Street Journal.

Mars Snackfood has said that it made this bold move to better get connected with the teenage audience which is it’s key demographic;

“The teen audience relies heavily on their peers for advice on products. This is a unique, unexpected way to engage and to be a part of the conversation,” says spokesman Ryan Bowling.

The Twitter feed on the Site is used for chatter to discuss the brand and whats going on with it. The makeup of Twitter means that any updates that include skittles will automatically appear, though like many things there are lots of ups and downs to this type of consumer freedom. I personally think this is a brilliant move forward but i do wonder that if by doing this they are loosing some of their corporate identity by using these other sites and just having the widget style icon in the corner?

Twitter has become a multi functional site, catering for many different people. Its not only been used for a company’s website but is now more and more being used as a news feed . Many people getting information via Twitter before the main stream media has got any idea whats going on. The connections that are built between the people on Twitter are becoming one of the fastest ways to get information across the globe. Is it now becoming part of the 24 hour news category?



  1. I had never heard about Twitter myself before the first lecture in PR and New Media. Now I feel like I am part of to many social networks, it takes much time to update etc. How functional is it to have a Twitter page, when Facebook, MSN, Skype etc. is doing much of the same things?

  2. jennifer2186 said

    I think that maybe because Twitter is linking itself with so many of the sites you have mentioned it is becoming easier…as i update my twitter via facebook it automatically updates my facebook one. I think Twitter is easier to get news across quicker because all you have to do is txt to update your status?

  3. kneha said

    Even I had never heard of Twitter…and still trying to understand it. Twitter doesn’t only answer the questions “What are you doing?” as you mentioned it is increasingly being used by organisations a campaigning tool, for creating brand image for products and also to highlight latest news.

    I personally think it is one of the easiest ways to communicate and stay close to friends and family.

  4. Rowan – http://prsketchings.prblogs.org

    Hi Jennifer,

    It is definately an interesting move by Skittles. I wonder if they moniter the feed and delete any bad posts about them (maybe thats not possible for them to do?). It would be a shame if they did because whether the posts are good or bad, showing what people are saying about them shows a high level of transparency and eagarness to build very symetrical relationships with their customers. I think its a great idea.

  5. Joy-Fleur said

    I can only agree with the ones of you who haven’t heard about Twitter a long time ago. I am considering becoming a member, as many people have recommended it to me (word-of-mouth?..hehe) because it does many jobs in one. But I also very much agree with Anette’s point – do I really need one more social network account?

  6. mpr4wireless said

    Anette raised an important and pertaining question: are we going to be all overloaded with so many social network sites and virtual places? Now Jennifer gave part of the answer, think in terms of ‘linkability’, try to link as much as you can your different social sites and feeds in one element to it. Another one is segmentation, you’re personal demographics! Who are you targeting as an individual? Third one is, don’t grow beyond your won capabilities, establish your virtual perimeter and stick to you, remember you still live in the real world with real people around you. If you follow these tips you should be OK.

  7. The first time I heard from Twitter was in the first PR & New Media lecture, too. It was just one out of many words I haven’t heard before. Just two days later a friend of mine, who is not on our course, published her Twitter link on Facebook. That was the point where I recognised – OK, that will be something, which will rise in popularity in the future.

    In my opinion the users of Twitter will determine in which direction it will develop – to a business tool or just for private use. But I agree with Kneha, Twitter is an easy way to communicate and a good campaigning tool for organisations.

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