Social Media : Be careful what you choose to post!

This morning i have come across many articles/blogs. I wouldn’t call them horror stories but they are lesson’s in life, telling you to be careful what you post on your social media sites. One named “How to Tweet yourself out of a job” in which we see how posting how your feeling on Twitter may not be the smartest move you can make. There is also someone who work’s for the company out their watching what is going on, monitoring what people are saying about the company because they deal in its reputation. So when this person was offered a position at Cisco and was less than thrilled he voiced his lack of enthusiasm on the social networking site. Though this is not the first case that this has happend in, it has happend previously with a PR professional, yet again on Twitter.  The blog post that it is highlighted in is  by Peter Shankman , is a warning to all those PR proffesionals out there who don’t think that posting effects the offline environment.


This Twitter feed from a proffesional shows how he chose to discuss his feelings about being in Memphis  doing a presentation  on digital media to the worldwide communications group at FedEx. When it was found by an employee they were very offended and chose to respond to the agency personally. It didn’t help Mr Andrews case that many of the employees where local to the Memphis area so when he posted it there was a link to them. This shows that you have to be really carefull about what you post on the web as even if you are just giving your opinion, you have to be mindful of who is going to be reading this such as future employeers.

Though maybe we have head into a world were there is no privacy and everything is out in the open. Though of course there is the ability to make your profiles private and to determin who sees your updates/profile. Maybe its becoming one of those things we need to be taught, how to not say to much on facebook or twitter. As a PR professional maybe we should be prepared  more to deal with the reputation online, so that we can deal with unexpected slips by employees . I feel that the online world gives us good points and bad ones, because in the way that it is accessable and creates this online social world makes people feel like their opinion is a valid one in the new media world. Though  it also has the bad points that is maybe too open and accessable now and unfortunatley people might not have relised this yet.



  1. postmodernpr said

    I don’t think it should be taught, I just think it’s common sense really. Anyone who’s working in the reputation business should be particularly mindful.

    The basic rule of thumb is, if there is anyone (absolutely anyone) that you wouldn’t want to see what your posting then don’t post it.

  2. uchechi said

    A similar incident happened on facebook, you are right jenny, individuals should be mindful of what they publish through these social networks.
    Sometimes, I believe that they do it unconsciously because they are so addicted to these networks.
    However, this should be a warning sign to social media users so that they do not fall into that category.

  3. I read that story what a dumb thing to do,can’t believe someone with an account on twitter would genuinely do that never mind a marcomm professional. We are in living in a big brother world!

  4. jennifer2186 said

    I don’t mean taught as an acedemic sense but maybe something more along the lines of the ‘media training’ classes’ that companies pay for. To show them what happens if you aren’t to careful, though i suppose you could say that the freedom given to us by the web means that we can learn this anyway…but only if we go out and search for it!

  5. Theresa said

    Interesting post Jennifer. I think in general, people must be aware of the fact that the internet isn’t that excellent or safe as it maybe seems at first sight. It has also its negative side. But I agree with the point that there should be more education to people who aren’t that familiar with the world wide web. Overall I think it is a terrifying thing, that we all can be observed so easily, one way is through the way we publish in the internet, another might be the new “Google Street View” or even when you used your computer, the things on it are stored even when you deleted them. That’s scary.

  6. Theresa said

    Me again, I just heard two minutes ago in the radio, that they talked to the people who use social networks like facebook, bebo, myspace as well twitter and msn, that such online tools are not safe. It seem that they address my suggestion of educating the people very rapidly. 😉

  7. Amanda said

    I think one should apply logic and common sense when it comes to posting anything and everything. I believe we are always being watched, so if you want to post anything you should have accepted the fact that its open to public scrutiny.

    A few weeks ago a girl got fired because she posted that she was ‘bored at work’ on her Facebook profile. There was an argument on whether her sacking was justified. But it was concluded that she should not have posted such a comment during working hours.

    Going back to your point: be careful what you choose to post!

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