From a single mum to You tube star!

Most people post things on Youtube and think nothing of what can happen to the video’s we post. But i myselfadelechase2 discovered Lauren Luke on Youtube a few months ago when i googled makeup styles, where i came across her how to video’s.  Since this she has become the second most popular Youtube user in the UK with an astonishing 37.2million views.

This Youtube fame has made her a household name in many places of the country, she’s been on the BBC talking about her makeup sessions. After this more than 2.2million people watched her online. Youtube even asked her to become the first person to join their Partner Programme, which meant she would be taking some revenue from the adverts on the site. More amazing than all of this is the contact she got from an American Makeup company wanting to create a Lauren Luke makeup range and the paid for her to come out to New York to meet them. She has also become a contributer to the Guardien Weekend edition of the newspaper and their are also a how to style book in the making.

The fame that Youtube has given this 27 year old single mum who lives with her mother is astonishing, the makeup range goes on sale online this month and she has just finished making a Nintendo DS game that features her giving makeup tips. The American’s seem to have taken a huge likeing to this girl from South Sheilds as she has recently been on CBS News which is watched by millions.

The fact that an online site like Youtube can change someone’s life so dramatically as this shows how much people are relient on the internet to network, create their own brand identity and become part of a community. The fact that she was aproached by so  many different organisations shows how companies are monitoring the internet for the next big thing, be it a social networking site or a makeup how to video on Youtube. She hasn’t moved away from Youtube altogether but you can follow her links to her own blog now which tells you everything you need to know about her makeup ranges etc.. This has all the links to all the social networking sites that she is on, Facebook, Flickr, Myspace, Tiwtter, Youtube and Videojug.



  1. youtbe said

    thank soo much gread document !

  2. Interesting post!
    I think her dream came true!
    She created her personal brand successfully! The impact of the web 2.0 and social media is sometimes unbelievable!
    But I think that such success does not come from alone – you have to work hard for it. Endurance and effort are necessary.

  3. uchechi said

    Actually, I have watched one of her videos, she did very well for herself. These days, individuals and organisations are reliant on the online environment because of the what it offers in terms of brand promoting.
    I believe if properly handled, breakthrough follows.

  4. Sam Parish said

    I think I will try and become an internet sensation next….

    It is good that these people can achieve something using new media skills – however it is worth baring in mind that for every 1 that makes it there is plenty more that try and try but fail!

  5. Wow, she did well.
    Although I guess this is not a new story anymore, we hear of new internet sensations every week. I suppose this week its Susan Doyle (eek).
    I wonder how long the ‘fame’ will last?

    And Sam…what are you going to become an internet sensation for I wonder???

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