Facebook have done it again….

To take there website more like twitter they have made the move again,

”Connect to Facebook from your phone, Facebook is now available via SMS”faceweb

We all new this was going to slowly happen and each time they do something like this it doesnt really come as much of a suprise to us as avid viewers of the competition between the two social networking sites. Its now giving users the ability to

a) Update your status, browse your News Feed and view friends’ Profiles all from your phone.

B) Work now on all phones with mobile web access.

C) Update your status or send messages to friends using texts from your mobile [like Twitter also did, but it seems to be making it for all mobiles]

D) Receive text messages with status updates, messages and Wall posts as they happen.

E) Send photos and videos straight to Facebook from your phone by sending an MMS.

F) Download rich, interactive applications built for your phone [though this only works for certain phones that the programs are built for]

fblinkFacebook has taken the technology that Twitter has been using and added to it, the aplications for phones will make it very appealing to people with free web and large phone memories. They will also emphasise the ability to conect to friends through facbook via text’s.

What will Twitter’s move be? How will Facebook continue to evolve?



  1. Well done FB, they don’t want to be seen to be behind the times now do they?

    Although, I must say, facebook texts are soooooo annoying!! I lasted a day with them on my phone and then I couldn’t take the constant phone bleeping!


  2. I don’t really understand why Facebook is trying to be like Twitter. Sure, Twitter is really successful, but wouldn’t it be more useful to try to put emphasise on what Twitter doesn’t have?

    StudiVZ, which is like the German Facebook just added a new tool, which is a status update – with exactly 140 characters… reminds me on something…

    So, Facebook doesn’t seem to be the only one who fears the competition.

  3. jennifer2186 said

    i am trying to live with them on my phone and so far im lasting though the annoying ones in the night are the worse, the good thing ive just found is that im not getting charged for them which is a blessing 🙂 i think facebook have made it easier to use it on the go now rather than having to log into wap now i can do the facebook thing and not get charged 🙂 but like friedy says maybe they should be looking at what Twitter doesnt have!

  4. In my opinion all social networks are copying from each other anyhow. Let’s comparing Twitter and Facebook again. Who was first with such “What you’re doing” information? And on the other hand Facebook and StudiVZ (the German Facebook) have similar layout and features. I covered this topic in a blog post because Facebook sued StudiVZ for copying (http://nicolekrahmann.prblogs.org/2009/05/14/facebook-vs-studivz/). I believe that such lawsuits will increase in the future. We will see how the social networking environment will continue and which features will be invented and copied etc.

  5. Claire said

    Everybody is talking about Facebook. I hope another company comes out and take over. I kind of hate to see companies getting tooo large. B/c they sort of start monopolizing things.

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